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A word to describe how different californians are from the rest of the world.

verb: acting in a manner that seems to be califronian.

adj: being a stereotypical californian, seeming to have californian habbits
verb: "dude, having a prius is so califoreign.

adj: Jason is califoreign in that, in his mind, he is superior to the rest of the civilized world because he has a hybrid.
by Mist or Miller June 08, 2009
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The catch-all nationality for people having physical and cultural characteristics that are clearly not native to the United States of America but they only talk β€œvalleyspeak".
Whitey A to Whitey B:
"So I got rejected for a rent controlled apartment AGAIN this year."

Whitey B to Whitey A:
"Dude you're too plain... not cali-foreign enough"
by joeMAMA-_- December 28, 2011
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