Caliche is the word used for the Spanish spoken only in El Salvador.
Carlos: "Sos bayunco bicho!"
Willy: " No te entiendo! Hablas espanol?!"
Carlos: "Pura paja, hablo Caliche!"
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
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Hands down the most dominating soccer team of the late 1990's. After taking everyone's pride and winning state in the red division they got moved up to a better, tougher division. The domination didn't slow down a bit and Valley Caliche is still considered the bomb and way better than the Little Pickle's which were the best in the early 1990's.
Damn! Valley Caliche whooped up on the Jokers 11-0 and didnt hold back.

Valley Caliche is the best damn soccer team I have ever seen!

I would of liked to see Valley Caliche vs. the Little Pickle's in a soccer game.
by Iker January 21, 2005
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