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One from another state then california and is jacking there swag and repping it in other states. Therefore starting a movement called Cali Swag. This consists of vans shoes (color does not matter), some skate/surf brand t-shirt (EX: hurley vans billabong volcom ect.), long tank, tan dickies or volcom slack shorts, high white or black socks.
EX: boy from massachusetts gets a perfect Cali Swag outfit and reps it in Mass, therefore other Mass kids seeing this new california skater trend and wanting to try it. Starting a movement.

perfect Cali Swag outfit....

Black canvas vans
Black Volcom shirt
White undershirt
Tan volcom slacks
High White socks
by K@LI SW@G April 23, 2011
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Commonly seen in californians, Cali Swag is defined in the medical dictionary as " A rare and deadly disease that will turn a normal person from California into a raging, self-obsessed psycho ." People who have Cali Swag like to boast, and "strut" like a drunk man.

Cali Swag is incredibly dangerous and you should not approach a person who has it. If you happen to come in contact with Cali Swag then it is advised to call 911 and go as far away as you can from the person who has Cali Swag.
Oh my god, he has Cali Swag! RUN AWAY!!!
by Jmonster67890 May 12, 2011
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