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a kid with a small penis who thinks he is bomb... he is a total loser who thinks he is better than everyone else and goes and pisses at everyone for something that goes wrong in his life... he has the penis the size of a pea and is a total loser who got 2 girlfriends and treats them like shit... he has fake muscles, but thinks he is cooler than everyone else...
That douche over there must be a Caldon. He has the smallest penis ever and treated my girl like shit!
by Coolest Bitch EVER!!! April 19, 2012
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He’s an indian mixed with a chinese blood. He stays at Yishun, Khatib to be specific. He likes to lie to people alot although we all already know its not the truth. His parents names are Anba And Connie ; his father is a flight steward. Last but not least, his armpit is very smelly.
by AnbaXConnie December 28, 2017
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