A group of nerdy, annoying, gay kids who are obsessed with grades and there little inside jokes. They are reserved to there little group and do not associate with any other people because they can see them as bullies or eshay's but in reality they're mad cunts. Pretty much it means a nerd/dork.
"Over there are the calculator watch's absolute gay cunts," said brayshaw "I know right especially chris and oscar they're the biggest calculator watch's," said Wheater.
by Hardcuntsofyr8 April 18, 2019
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A key and crucial asset to Oscar, as it is not only used as a tool to show the time but it is a mathematical genius of an invention. Oscar used this to calculate the size of Rezs nose, and the sheer size of the Earth, Oscar single handedly became a genius just by using the amazing and genius invention of the calculator watch by Casio>
"oi Oscar did you use your calculator watch during the test you thicc lad"
by Rezisthicc April 19, 2019
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