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The Art of Cakesism is not merely a theory. It is a way of life. To be cakesist, you must feel cakesist. It derives back to the days of Calzones and Mahonies. The brain of a mahoney, and the mass consumption of calzones sparked the ignition of the era of cakesism.
But theres more to it. Cakesism is a system of beliefs, morales, and virtues which have transcended and altered the 21st century as we know it. Cakesism paved the way for future concepts and theories, and will be forever remember with such other great theories such as; Jingoism, Marxism, Buhdism, Fascism, and of course Communism.
"Hello good Sir, do you like my new $68.96 Diesel Hat?"

"I Do not, now go and swallow a knife.... good day sir!"

Notice how the user of Cakesism prevails.
by M Will November 19, 2005
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