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Caida is a good friend. She wants to be popular and like the other kids. She doesn’t want to get bullied, so she hangs out with people who make fun of her, and make her give them food or candy. She is okay with it, she wishes it wasn’t like this. She is skinny, and self conscious. She gets bullied because she doesn’t defend herself. She comes running back when she is sad or misses her old life. If you are her friend, don’t let go, no matter how hard she tries to get away from you, trust me.
1: Caida, why are you crying?
2: I feel like the Odd one out, I miss being your friend.
1: I do too.
1:Hey, want to hang out with me at recess?
2: I can’t I’m going to hang out with them.
1: But you said..?
2: I know, but it’s the only way I won’t get hurt.
by whenpigsonedayfly October 21, 2019
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