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Cactupus is a word, it means both everything and nothing and can be used in any context.

It also sounds like it should be a word, but isn't.

The english language does not have a word that means nothing and everything. To be honest i think this is a disgrace.
Dude, I love your cactupus
Thats a beautiful cactupus
Touch my cactupus
Feel my cactupus
Put that cactupus away
Don't put that cactupus in your pocket, It'll eat away at the lining like an agitated flan
Dunk my cactupus
Cactupus that bitch
What kind of cactupus are you!?!
I think ive got a cactupus wedged in my ass
Cactupus sucks
Cactupus sucks your mum
Cactupus sucks your dad
Cactupus sucks everyone
Everyone sucks cactupus
Everyone is getting bored of the sucks analogy... cactupus
That cactupus just exploded!!
That cactupus just imploded!?!
What the hell is a cactupus?
Are you a cactupus?
Is he a cactupus?
Is that a cactupus?
Could you tell your cactupus to stop humping my leg?
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