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When a girl's pubic region is between groomings (i.e. shaving/waxing) and the hair begins to grow back, it is typically short, coarse and prickly, like a cactus.

During that phase, she can be said to have a "cactapuss", also can be referred to as a 'cactapussy'.
"I need to make a waxing appointment to take care of this cactupuss"

"I can't fool around with Tom tonight, I gots a bad case o' cactapussy"

"Cletus, get your bitch ass over here and water my cactapuss"
by Ti-Hans March 31, 2009
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1) A creature that may be seen by someone who is fished. It can be described as a mixture of an octopus and a cactus/palmtree.
Matt: Dude, it's a cactapuss!
Mike: Where?
Matt: In the tree, man!
Mike: Where in the tree?
Matt: IS the tree!
by thehunger August 24, 2007
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