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A cacahuata, is a Mexican slang term, or Latin American slang term. Often heard of in Northern Mexico or the USA. Cacahuate means peanut in Spanish. It's a term that puts down drug addicts, like the term junkie. Cacahuata also means a woman that's always high on something, popping pills, and obviously intoxicated, with often with strange mannerisms or slurring in speech. A cacahuata, pronounced ( Ca-ca-hu-ata), can be a dope fiend, but it's mostly associated with women that chronically take muscle relaxers, opiates, and amphetamines . The term is thought to have come from the crackly indented outer shell of the peanut. Resembling the blemishes and affects of narcotics on the skins of abusers. There's also a song, that might be related to the term.
That bitch is a cacahuata, she drives on muscle relaxers and go's to work like that.

She's cacahuata, she'll pop pills all day.

That cacahuata is always on something.
by E.BajaCali April 10, 2011
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