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1: CABUF \ ka-buf\ Acronym; Cute Ass But Ugly Face, or alternatively, Cute Ass BUTT Ugly Face in extreme cases. n (1997): a woman who has a physically attractive body, but an unattractive face, most commonly used in situations where one has been deceived by a woman’s disproportionately attractive body and is surprised by her unattractive facial features.
2: CABUF interj (1997) – used to express a strong feeling of surprise and disappointment.
1: "Dude, get a load of the CABUF at the bar. I was checking out her ass for a half-hour before I realized the ugly made me want to puke."

2: As soon as she turned around I was like, "Awww, CABUF!"
by Boghoosians January 11, 2008
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