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Divorced boy that dreams of one day becoming a Man. But, with a name like "Andy Adams; aka AA (Alcoholic, Amphetamine Addicted Asshole Andy) fantasized and fantasized about being just like the Man who lived down the street and was married to the most beautiful women he'd ever seen. So, little boy Cadillac Ass-Fuck Caberfae Slum Andy, plans his scheme to wreck this happily married mother and wife and tells her and her children all these horrible stories about her hubby. Years and years of this behavior go by and the small town fuckheads love the drama and they join in to see how fast this family fall apart. Only.....AFTER Andy (Caberfae slum) gets the Mrs. intoxicated do her legs fly apart with panties ripped off from the sharp and frayed edge of her hubby's workbench in the garage. The scum of Caberfae Peaks got some of pussy that didn't like how she just got fucked by a sleazy scum bag with a dick as big as her pinky! Stay away from Caberfae Slum or you will feel what a sleaze ball scumbag slip his pinky dick up your innocent ass too. Bite the motherfucker off and post pictures if you dare!
Cadillac Caberfaeslum Fucked Slum Fuckheads Alcoholic Amphetamine Addicted Wife Cheater Lies AA Andy Adams
by ImKarmaBitch April 10, 2013
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