"See You At Zero"

1. Commonly used when dealing with irrational stock and cryptocurrency hodlers who, despite losses, are riding the stock all the way to zero.

2. Used as a rallying call for short sellers predicting or celebrating stock declines, similar to "LFG."

3. Used as "farewell" between short sellers.
1. Good luck with that:
"Tesla is going to bounce back and hit $420. Just you wait."
"Okay, buddy. CYAZ."

2. Rallying Call:
"TSLA is down 5% today!! LFG! CYAZ!"

3. Farewell:
"Take care, my friends. CYAZ"
by fruutluups June 03, 2019
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my version of see ya, only to be used by ME
by JTFish November 04, 2003
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