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A whole bunch of white boys who get a dub or audi, etc because everyone else has one in CT with the occasional minority in the group. They are know for dropping their cars so low to the ground they lose oil pans and foget about the terrible street conditions and harsh winters. They also like to mix-and-match different OEM wheels that dont fit but they make fit. They hang out at Frankies on Monday nights on Watertown Ave Waterbury, CT. You can catch them around 7-10pm and you can listen to them talk about how low there cars are and listen to them complain about every Jap car speeding by.
Me- "I already replaced my oil pan three times after putting on my coil-overs and my $1200 used bald Porsche wheels and tires."

Bob- "Look at the civic speeding by thinking he's cool!"

Bill- "Welcome to CTeurotrash!"
by DelSoler October 20, 2010
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