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Colorado Student Assessment Program, used to see if kids are actually getting somewhere in their years of schooling. The questions change slightly each year with increasing difficulty but very easy and stupid at the core. Everyone takes the same test state wide, so if a copy gets online, students are all fucked and may have to take it again.


#2 (graphite) pencils are "required."

Mechanical pencils will do the job.

It is sometimes mandatory to sit until the 60~65 test period is up, depends on the teacher/proctor.

Writing swear words is okay, no one really cares anyways.

If you really don't care, guess as much as possible. It's a pointless test anyways.

*Possibly* going away in two years.

Synonyms: worthless, boring, dumb, waste of time, a guessing game, 5th grade stuff, a week off, half days, etc.

Often referred to by CO students (with many variations) as:
Colorado's Shitty Assessment (Program)
Dude, CSAP was so fucking boring, thank god I smoked some good ass weed.

I used a mechanical pencil on CSAP, there's no point in using #2 pencils.

CSAP is only important if it goes on your transcript man.

Did you even give a shit about half of the CSAP writing prompts? They suck more dick every year.

Thank god after Sophomore year it's over.
by Allen75 March 07, 2010
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