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Every person has a CPF (Cost Per Fuck). A person's CPF is equivalent to the total amount of money you've spent or must spend on them in order to have sex with them. A respectable person has a CPF somwhere around $100. You may include $8 per hour for time spent as well as 40 cents per mile for any driving expenses incurred.
"Do you think I'm a slut?" - Random Hook Up
"Umm... no of course not. I mean, I swipped my card for you at the Caf a couple times and paid that cab home from the bar. Your CPF is almost $50. It's nothing to write home about but I can assure you I've done worse." - Loul
by Loul December 11, 2006
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This is mostly a method students used when writing exams. It stands for Cram, Pass and Forget.
It that time of the semester where we use the CPF method.
by Nathi Nice October 26, 2015
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Chronic Pussy Farts.
When you fart out your vagina alot.
That bitch always stinks, she must have a severe case of CPF!
by Andrew Burkett August 29, 2004
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"Close Personal Friend"

Used as a joke; normally used to apply to celebrities.
Random girl meets Orlando Bloom.

Next day:

Random girl: OMG I met Orlando Bloom yesters!
Random girl's jealous friend: OMG!
Random girl: Yah we're totally like cpf now.
by spaceout September 08, 2007
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