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Canadian Model House of Commons

CMHoC is a primarily Reddit and Discord based model Canadian government. Founded in 2014, CMHoC is part of the larger model world, complete with elections, campaigns, a House of Commons, Senate, Question Period, The Supreme Court of Canada, a wide range of political parties with diverse views, and press.
Bill: Hey, have I told you about CMHoC?
Steve: No?
Bill: It's great, I joined the NDP, got elected an MP, became a minister, and wrote and passed some legislation about pesticide usage.
Steve: Wow, that sounds incredibly dull and nerdy.
Bill: It is, just make sure you stay away from the discord server. When I first went on there there was a bunch of people talking about how one guy was obviously totally gay, another was telling them that they're all being degenerate and one guy was going on and on about saving bees and Daria. Needless to say I got out as quickly as I could.
by Therane08 June 11, 2017
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