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Cyber Knights Club Elite

A group of elite worldwide computer aficionados started in the early 90's by Tony Vinchenzo.
To be a member you had to either have elite skills in hacking, cracking, programming, social engineering phreaking, etc. or you had to have the ability to offer information, passwords, account/tap info, etc, (ie. one who works at the dmv, ma bell, Government, law enforcement, etc. The Cyber Knightc Club Elite was and is involved in too many facets to mention here.
A "gang" whose turf is on the net, whose home is the web.
This is a real definition, do a search on google if you feel like it.
Remember when Ma-Bell went down for 24 hours in 1991? It all started from a fortress fone in central park at 3:00pm by a member of the NY_ckcelite
by ckcelite July 26, 2004
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