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An acronym meaning Conservative Ignorant Female American; coined by the news & politics blog.

It is a suburban female with Christian values who has rarely follows news that is not covered on Regis and Kelly or the fourth hour of the Today Show.

This woman thinks that watching the news is unpleasant, and thus, remains ill-informed on important issues. This lack of knowledge does not, however, deter her from voicing her opinion and believing that her worldview is the right one.

You will typically find these women in their idling Hummers outside their children's hockey practices or in PTA meetings trying to get books banned.

They typically vote the way their husbands tell them to, and live their lives according to that day's episode of Oprah.

Famous CIFA's: Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin, Kelly Ripa, Kathy Lee Gifford, that woman in the PTA who got Halloween costumes banned at your kids' school.
"Only a CIFA would think Sarah Palin is a good vice presidential candidate."
by theplaidcrew September 09, 2008
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Crap, it's Friday already.

Expression used when one is not happy at all that it is Friday because the week is as good as over.
CIFA? I'm never going to be able to finish this report by Monday!
by robbeuh August 12, 2011
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