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Chenai's are intelligent,beautiful,sporty and outgoing. Girls who will go for what they want and wilt talk no for an answer. They know their place but aren't scared to step outside. Chenais are always looking for new things to occupy their needs. Great girls but when someone hurts the people their closest to with turn on Godzilla mode.
Lovely girls who will stay loyal in any relationship and can talk about everything and anything. If a Chenai is in love with you and expresses her feelings freely consider yourself lucky very lucky because these girls don't fall for someone easily and find it hard to express feelings these girls are the kind of girls who you will fall head over heals for easily and you won't regret it because these girls show utter love and respect for everyone around them.
Chenais are girls who put everyone first and don't think about them selves,they just want to make everyone else happy and will go through so much pain for it.
If you ever meet a Chenai don't let her go
Dave: Wow do you see that girl she's going off at that dude

Leon: And She's stunning

Dave: oh yeah defiantly a Chenai
by Bananalady720 July 02, 2019
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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A great person with a hard name to pronounce (shay-nai). Loves fluffy and cute things and but isn't a girly girl. Can be kinda crazy. Can make you laugh. Very social, and finds the best of people. Also inclusive. Can be a Peacemaker. A Chenai is very creative and has a wild imagination. May appear calm but has a wild side. Once you get to know her you'll be great friends. Has never had a crush. Is obsessed with guinea pigs. Really an awesome person.
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by GuineaPigPowerOfFluff February 11, 2019
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Origin of a name in Arabic. It is used to describe moon in Ancient Arabic but went on to Indian and they used it to describe a city. Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean blessed one in Swahili. This is popularised western jargon for dumb blondes looking for a unique name!
Dick: Let's go to Chenai

Tom: In India?

Dick; Yea

Tom: Ok
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