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The exquisite word shouted with great force and intensity by Sir bakerXderek from the lands of YouTube.
"Dude you just hit 100K on youtube!"

or " CHEAH! " in a simple form.
by Gooty Hole December 16, 2014
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slang for YEAH
say it for anytime you would say yeah
yO sandman kudzi, you keep'n it trill in lewisville?

cheah dawg
by Dway March 03, 2005
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Pronounced *Che-ah*. 1:A phrase used when feeling extreme happiness and/or when a hard goal has been achieved. 2:Used in the song "Umbrella" by Rhianna, Jay-Z in the first few seconds.
guy1: OMG! did you see that gnar home-run that Vladamir just hit?!
guy2: Dude no! whats happening?
guy1: Now the Angels are winning by 2!!
guy2: Cheah !
by Lennyc March 24, 2008
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A term of agreement. Can be used as a substitute for yes.
Mom: Did you do your homework?
Kid: Cheah
Friend: So-and-so is such a b****
Other friend: cheah
by julietUD October 17, 2010
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A lot of people mistaken it for yes, but actually it means no. You say cheah when you say something about a person which isn't true, then cheah at the end. But you're voice must become higher as you say it and then you elongate the cheah at the end (so like cheahhhh)
The opposite of cheah is yeah, and you also elongate the yeah too, although you only say it yeah something's true

It's pronounced chair although the spelling is cheah.
You can play football... cheahhhh
You are smarter than Einstein... cheahhh
You can fly... cheahhh
by Cryptic Wonder October 02, 2013
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Cheah: A phrase used when someone is struggling with a chocolate addiction and is requesting more in a hurry.
Person 1: Omg i've had 2 hours without any chocolate *scared voice*
Person 2: CHEAH
by THEOFFICIALmrpoopybutthole September 10, 2017
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