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A Drinking game to play when going on the Combusting Herpes website/forum, there are a set of rules for the game that go like like this: For every stupid thread that is related to Nathan Forester or about him - take a shot.

Whenever a user such as RichardPersimmons or Jess calls Nathan by his supposed real name, or call him 'it'. Take two shots.
Whenever RichardPersimmons or BobofJudia calls Nathan out for not having a job, take 5 more shots.
Whenever BobofJudia or any other user uses death threats to try and be tough. Take 10 more shots.
Whenever any CH user consistently tries to say it's Nathan owns fault...take 15-20 shots.
Whenever a CH user uses stereotyping as a defense...take 20-25.
Whenever they screencap something he says - take 20-30 shots.
Whenever they try to defend themselves by repeating things others have said take 35 shots.
Take 40 shots for every mention of rape, sex, or anything to do with drug references.
Take a whole swig everytime they resort to using homophobic or racial slurs.
"Time for the CH Drinking Game".
by MM132 September 16, 2013
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