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"Toll Booth Willie"

{F1:} "Hi Willie."
{Toll Booth Willie:} "Oh, nice to see ya M'am. Not a bad day, huh?"
{F1:} "Well, I'm a little lost. Could you help me out?
I hear your the best with directions."
{Toll Booth Willie:} "Well I know my way around New England.
I can tell ya that much. So where ya headed?"
{F1:} "Well, I was just wondering exactly which is the best way
to drive up your ass. You know, if you'd tell me,
I'd appreciate it, you fuckin' prick."
{Drives off}
{Toll Booth Willie:} "You fuckin' bitch! Fuck you!
You forgot to pay the fuckin' toll you dirty whore!
I'll fuckin' drop you with a boot to the fuckin' skull you cum guzzling queen!"
by JonMaker August 18, 2004
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A group of skateboarders that skate in LEEDERVILLE Also knows as LEEDY locals
"Hey did you see that guy from CGQ skating down Oxford street?"
by CGQ May 06, 2018
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