Chow for now - CFN
As if you were to say chow to your friend but only for a short amount of time, or just as a casual bye to someone cfn can be used
"Ok so I'll be at yours in 10 minutes!!" - Guy
"Ok, cfn xx!" - Girl

by Jakearuns August 26, 2007
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Certifiably F*ckin' Nuts
Did you see that dude in the restaurant playin' with himself?

-Um...yeah. Can you say 'CFN'?

What the hell did Lindsay Lohan do this time?? Wow...that chick is CFN!!
by FlowerPower71 August 22, 2010
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A CFN is an abbreviation for β€œCacked Fat Nigga”
After he snapped a broker, his friends called him a CFN
by BicWood June 03, 2018
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