Clint or cdog277 is a man of many names. But the only names he responds are :Cunt, Clit, C-Bitch, C-Shit, or my personal favorite, Super ass hole sucker gawk gawk lvl. 9000. How did he get these nick names? Well it came from years of research and intense field studies. In order to understand a cdog, you must first BE a cdog. Yes that does mean you’ll have to be extremely shitty at quick scopes in MW2, not know a single thing about SMITE, and simultaneously suck 2 dicks at once. Impossible right? Well not for the mighty cdog himself. Cdog will single handily give you a reach around and ruin your K/D in any game with no questions ask. Oh what’s that? You thought you were about to pick up that 100 boost in rocket league? Nope cdog fuckin beat you to it again. Where did “cdog” originate from? His roots are strong with bad WiFi, excuses, brothels, and butt plugs. Cdog will talk mad shit on anyone and anything then instantly get shit on, it’s truly a spectacle to watch.

How can I become a “cdog” or a “Clint” or a “bitch boi cbiscuit”? Well it’s actually really easy. Just sit in your racing gaming chair, put a big ole phat limp chode in your mouth, get the GB station ready, put your headset on, and now you’re ready to cuss out anyone who’s far less superior than you on Xbox! Easier than you thought right!?

What sucks is that cdog AKA clint is ACTUALLY incredibly good at video games and is fucking stupid smart.
Wow, I’m really being a clint today.
Aww I just got cdoged so hard!
That’s a clint goal right there!
Will you just clint me already?
by Zman577 June 12, 2019
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It's a code word for vaping
Person1: Yo you still CDog
Person2: Ya.
Person1: What flavor of Cdog did you get
Person2:Grapecherry my bruv
by CDoggin' October 1, 2018
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a man, no, a monster that shall be the destruction to us all come the time
look out, it's CDog!
by CDog 3rd jr August 1, 2022
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