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Creepily snapping candid photos of unsuspecting women. Typically done within 3 seconds of seeing her. Can be done at gas stations, above changing room doors, the mall, at work, the hospital, at your son's birthday party, etc.

These pictures must then be posted online for all eyes to see.

CD'ing is named after a famous poster on a LSU message board who has won a droppie for creep of the year the past 4 years in a row.
I just CD'ed this cougar who was walking out of the bathroom at Wendy's. It wasn't my best CD'ing, but I tried.
by The Boss Nigga April 17, 2014
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The act of editing a friends picture digitally as a display of friendship or a favour for something kind. CDing is a relatively new phenomenom spreading throughout online networking websites. The intention is for the reciever to use the photo to advertise their internet account, or to be displayed amongst their other photos. Sometimes a single album may be dedicated to CD'd photos to display tributes from friends who have digitally edited their photos.

CDing is essentially an act of kindness that stems beyond the usual means of comments.

The phrase is named after Christopher David, who began using CDing as gifts to his friends on the myspace network.
'I really like your photo, who CD'd that for you?'
'I am just finishing CDing your photo'

by Alakastar May 14, 2007
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