People named Cayman are very adorable in 7th grade but in 8th grade and high school.They become the hottest person ever they are depressed but never have depression they make other people laugh just to make them feel good and can be the best bf or friend ever if meet a guy named cayman you are a lucky person keep them forever.
Cayman is the sweetest and most adorable ppl ever
by Cayman October 22, 2019
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He is not cute too you but then you have like every class with him so you get to know him and then you like what you see. Usually a smartass and is funny but then you and him start texting on snap or insta but one day you and him kind of had a feel then after school he texted you. Then asks you out then you instantly say YES but something breaks you up but then get back together cayman you just got to have a feel for him.
Kathleen: omg did you here what cayman said he his son gross more like gayman.
Me: I don't know he is kind of cute
by Wolffpup_#15 December 8, 2018
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A Cayman is very nice and trustworthy. He is always there fo you, and will help you through anything. If you meet a Cayman, love and treasure them forever.
Cayman is such a good friend. I love him so much!
by Hey.Hello.Hi. February 28, 2020
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hes straight but likes men and hates women hearteyes yummy scrumptious
"cayman is so splurt"
by kowaretaa November 14, 2021
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Man 1: Dude check out my porsche!
Man 2: Nigga shut da hell up why don't you save yo money up and go get a 911 instead of dis bulllllshit Cayman
by AKewlName April 18, 2013
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A Stupid ass fuckboy that tries for the easiest girls.

He sweet talks them and then breaks up with them for a stupid reason.
Jeff: Why'd you break up with michayla?
Cayman: She said another guys name.
by Yourenotmydad1345 November 22, 2016
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