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Abbreviation for "Chuckling to Myself", used to express laughter via instant messages and text messages. More accurate and honest than the commonly (mis)used "lol" in regard to to the actual physical act of text-derived laughter.
Joe: C U 2nite. Where R my pants?

Carl: I burned them! C2M!
by bralikzandr January 24, 2007
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Chuckle to MySelf

Who actually laughs out loud when they read something? I don't. But sometimes I do chuckle to myself, so instead of typing LOL type C2MS.
I just got so scared that I pee'd my pants a little C2MS.

C2MS do you see that woman with the mullet?
by Magnificent 7 August 08, 2011
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An acronym for "Chuckling to myself"- A common acronym that follows a text message which is much more accurate than the common "lol." Used to replace "lol" because laughing out loud is not common when reading a text; whereas, chuckling to yourself is much more common and realistic.
Bob- She told me she wanted to rip my eyeballs out and replace them with my testicles.

Bill- C2M.
by Step February 03, 2012
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