Stands for "crackhead"
A person that is on drugs or other controlled substances that makes the person do things that a normal person won't do.
While I was exiting the freeway, a C.H. jumped out on to the middle of the road and I had to slam my brakes.
by canttellthedifference February 24, 2019
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C.H. (verb)
C.H. ing (action verb)

Stands for Crotch humping. When two people make the movement of having sexual intercoarse but with clothes on (sometimes not though) and there is no actual penetration. Rubbing of the genitals together in that manner. otherwords known as 'Outercoarse' 'dry sex' 'frottage' amoung other things. Can result in orgasims on either partner's side and is typically very pleasureable.
1. We CH-ed all night long and had multiple orgasims.

2. Did you C.H. with that guy?

3. Dick and Jane are C.H.-ing right now. Jane likes the feel of Dick's dick.
by Anita February 23, 2004
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Like a pun, which is a play on words, "A Little Bit 'C.H.' " is a play on letters... If you were to spell 'bit' as B.I.T. and then add C.H. at the end of it, you get "B.I.T.C.H." This is a sly, somewhat silly way to call someone a little bitch. You can even explain it by doing that... "You know, a little bit 'c.h.'? ...A little "B.i.t.-- c.h.?"
Well, aren't you a little bit "C.H." today!
by Ryan Leroy April 22, 2009
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