a huge DB
who likes girls
that don't liek him back, hopefully
C Weezy is such a Douche bag!!!!!
wow, thank god c weezy isn't at eric's house! he ruins EVERYTHING!!!!!!
by supersprode May 30, 2008
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Young, teenage, pop icon. Known for writing beats about people who chose to live there life scandalously. Many people relate her to one of the most gifted lyric artists of all time. C-Weezy's world known "Beat Making Process", has been studied by many, and respected by all. C-Weezy's debut album is yet to release, which will be followed by a mixtape or a legit EP. C-Weezy is also a icon who has a team supporting her in her every move. Weezy C's team includes, DJ Halfy, J-Swift, Lady HaHa, Pussy K, and Lil' Red.
C-Weezy., Pop Icon, Beat Dropper, Princess of Dropping Beats.
by DJ Halfy. July 27, 2010
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