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C-BAD: Camp Beats A Desk. A loosely defined phrase commonly used to describe any constraints, hazards, or general hardships brought about by camp life. Primarily used by camp counselors and outdoor education specialists, this is umbrella term deflects any judgement or criticism that may ensue from individuals who lack an understanding of the harsh demands of living camp life.
An individual takes off their underwear, turns it inside out, and puts it back on. They look up to see another individual looking on on with a perplexed expression. This first, with a strait face, states, "C-BAD." The other then nods in understanding and the two go on about their day.

In an outhouse stall, an individual takes 30 seconds to compose a text message to their significant other who they have not communed with in some time. They complete the message by writing 'C-BAD', letting the other party know shit is rough and their relationship would be more involved under different circumstances, but the present situation is still preferable to an office.
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by SouthPark04408 April 03, 2017
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