Also another word for the clitoris. Originates from women's magazines like Cosmo.
Position his pelvis to where it rubs against your c spot.
by Aries83 August 6, 2007
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"Comfort" Spot, which feels euphoric right before reaching sleep at night or when going back to sleep in the morning.
"I could not wake up this morning because the C Spot felt too good to wake up"

"Hugging my marshmallow-like pillow helps me reach the C Spot"

"Sorry, I couldn't call you back last night! I reached the C Spot and slept on my phone"
by -theInsomniac- August 3, 2009
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The city of Calgary in the country of Canada.

Home of the Calgary Flames, the greatest hockey team to ever grace the face of the Earth.
"What up in the C spot, y0?!"

Go Flames Go!
by r0o March 21, 2006
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A guy's C-Spot is that special place on his cock that makes him have a squirt-gasm when he blows his creamy load and has at least a tit-gasm, but more probably a mouthful of cum.
Oh Yum! I rubbed my C-Spot and tasted my own cum!
by USAF Cadet January 23, 2021
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