To use a Cock (penis) to slap a person in the face
Don't make me C Slap you!
by PsL Sean December 11, 2005
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Also, to slap someone's cock with one's face. This is derived from Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
Wait... did she C Slap you? What a bitch! You should give her a White Christmas.
by Strokes McGee April 10, 2006
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To use one's penis and slap someone across the face with it. Usually its a girl getting slapped when she sucks the penis improperly.
guy 1: nicole last night gave me a horrible blow job.

guy 2: oh did you c-slap her?

guy 1: yep across the face.
by little white May 20, 2008
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To cum on your hand and slap someone in the face with it!
Man, if she doesn't shutup, i'm gonna C-Slap her straight across the face.
by C-slap that hoe! April 6, 2011
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