When Max attends Colonel Macleod and punches you full force "To The Max" right in your pie hole

Leaving you breathless gasping for air while you cry like a baby on the sidewalk.
Symptoms may include mild headache, nose bleeds, and shit in your pants.
Fucking Bob got C Maxed yesterday. His mom pulled him out of school for a week.
by a broken toaster October 27, 2020
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The cutest Guy ever and will always make you laugh your face off. Max is one of the hottest guys you will ever meet and if you ever come across a max never lose him he will be the best decision of your life, He has the greatest personality and will try and make you laugh every chance you get
Max C is so cute
by Shlong Gogongler 69 February 9, 2023
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Also known as m.c paperstax, he is the realest nigga you know ever and you wish you were him. so fuck you. oh, and he has a big penis.
oh shit Max C. is such a baller gangster
by gangstarr rap May 24, 2011
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