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A common disease acquired by individuals that frequent the bar "Buzzard Beach", located in Westport (KCMO).

It's symptoms include:

--Thinking one is "tough" or "street" because they frequent the bar.

--Dying one's hair black and teasing it to great heights and then applying obscene amounts of eyeliner.

--Carrying around brass knuckles on one's keychain as to let the world know "not to fuck with you".

--Delusional thinking that involves superiority to the rest of the human race based on location of consumption of alcohol.

--The aquisition of mulitudes of extremely trendy tattoos and piercings.

--Passive agressively writing insults to other people that one considers "posers" (and who are most likely friends of the writer) on the walls of bar bathrooms. Usually, insults involve the words "poser, bitch, whore, cunt, cuntface, fucker, dirty, vag face" ect.

--Being too trendy for your own good. I.E: looking like one has walked right out of a Hot Topic ad.

--Wanting to fight EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, and always pussying out before the first blow is thrown.
"That girl you fucked last night has Buzzard Beach Syndrome and wrote that you were a bad lay on the bathroom wall in black sharpie last night."
by blackwidowkc November 27, 2008
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