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Buwha also know/used as "Buwhahaha", and further extension of "ha"s. Normally in CAPS.
Other forms: Muahahahaha, or Waluigi's "Wah ha ha!"

-Laughing wickedly at one's misfortune, or stupidy.
-Laughing after an act of trickory.
-Theatrical laugh uttered from evil doers.
-Out Spoken Laugh, OF EVIL! BUWHAHAHAHA!
1) "... im trained in evasion and also telling of fibs to escape responsibilty. the two combined mean i am unstoippable! BUWAHAHAHAHAHA!"
2)"Yanks Win...Boston Loses..BUWAHA"
3)After tying the "Damsel in Distress" to the train tracks, the "Mustache Twisting Evil-Dude" says his parting words;"And now my dear! I shall leave your fate in the hands of the 2:10 to kalamazoo! BUWHAHAHAHAH!"

(Examples 1 and 2 picked from random quotes seen on "" when typing in "buwhahaha". Example 3 made up by me, to resemble the typical theatrical black and white films of the past)
by KiuChan March 02, 2008
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