A mythical far-away place that is very difficult to a) find on a map and b)leave. It is not unlike Buttfuck Egypt, Buttfuck Idaho, etc., except for added emphasis on being at least an ocean and several mountains farther away. It is a place where people live under rocks, in caves, and in highrise concrete apartments with no water or electrical power. You are always an outsider in Buttfuckistan, and the inhabitants are always at war with each other over pressing, ancient issues you will never be able to fully understand. Sometimes you can find a McDonalds there.
That smell...it's like burning rubber mixed with cow dung...are we in Buttfuckistan?

I got an email telling me I can make $450,000 in two months. All I have to do is open a bank account and cash this $5,000 check from the Royal Emir of Buttfuckistan.
by Benny Dover July 28, 2007
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