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A 'Buttery Pickle' is a sex term used to identify the use of butter or margarine for lubrication instead of traditional lubrication. Generally, a 'Buttery Pickle' is performed whithout any type of sexual protection, this does not require a specific position or type of sex, but generally it is done whilst having anal or oral sex. When the male ejaculates this creates an entirely new expression; 'Relish Maiden' a name for a woman that has just recieved the ejaculatory wonder of a Buttery Pickle.
Female: Oh yes I love this, what are you using for lube?
Male: I just used butter, its called a "Buttery Pickle"
Female: Oh yeah, I've heard of that, Schalissa talks about it all the time, never tried it though.
Male: You want me to make you a relish maiden?
by namm360 February 14, 2018
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