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The vast majority of African Americans possess the natural ability of catching the football. However, there is a small percentage of black receivers who lack the soft and steady "hands" to catch perfect passes. Usually, we use the term "butter fingers" to describe people who have shitty "hands" who drop perfect passes. When an African American have "butter fingers", he is known as a "butter nigger". After all, these Butter Niggers are very rare and we all know that most African Americans make perfect Wide Receivers.
A butter nigger would not be able to catch a pass on a 10 yard cross, even if thrown by Tom Brady/Brett Favre.
by Jeff the Yam August 25, 2008
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1.) An islander who wont give a caucasian/tourist directions or help.

2.) The opposite of a traditional nigger. They won't hustle you but they'll misdirect you and inform you that you do not belong on their land.
1.) Butter Nigger: "I wish 'dem howley would stay on the mainland."

Tourist: "If it wasn't for us, you'd still be wearing grass skirts and having sex with your first cousins."

2.) New Resident(Husband): "I'm getting hungry. I wonder where we could find a good grocery store. We should ask our neighbors."

New Resident(Wife): "No they're butter niggers, they gave us the evil eye when we moved in. I think they hate white people."
by Vann Damage March 25, 2012
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