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A county where it has Paradise, Chico, Oroville, Lake Oroville, Bidwell Park, Big Chico Creek, Bidwell Mansion, Sutter Buttes, Cal State Chico, mountain lions, bears, deers, salamanders and et cetera. It is located in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada region in California. If you are an outdoor person, you will enjoy going outdoors in Butte County. One of the most popular everyday sport in the county is mountain biking. Also, one of the county's towns, Chico, had a good reputation as being a bike-friendly city. Other than cycling, you can go out for a walk or a run. Go to Bidwell Park; it will be nice to take a hike around a 3,600 Acre Park. If it gets too hot, swim in the nice huge Sycamore Pool or Lake Oroville or pool in the Wildcat Recreation Center. If you plan on taking a tour in Butte County, you will love it there.
San Joaquin Countian: Where you from?
Butte Countian: Butte County.
San Joaquin Countian: Man, there is almost nothing to do over there; all you guys do is party.
Butte Countian: Actually, we have more than just partying.
San Joaquin Countian: What?
Butte Countian: We have Bidwell Park, Lake Oroville, Feather River, CSU Chico, Paradise, Table Mountain, Sycamore Pool, buttes (if you know what it is), bears, mountain lions, deers, mountain biking, greenery (depending on the weather) and more. What do you guys have?
San Joaquin Countian: We have the largest inland port in California.. Huh.. Can you take me to Butte County some day?
Butte Countian: If and only you apologize.
by WHOEVER IT IS June 21, 2013
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