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A game that you play in a crowded place. The object of the game to casually walk through the crowd and grab as many female asses as possible. The prize is the sense of gratification after the "hunt".

**Tips: No need to be in a rush, running will draw attention.

Walk with a buddy so if the prey finds out that you touched them, your friend can take the blame.

Never look back to see if they noticed, then they'll know that you did it.

Be a ninja, blend in with the crowd, the prey is most distracted when talking with other prey.

Best places to "hunt" are hallways, after school when everyone is leaving their classes, the local park, etc.**

Good Luck!
Robert: "Hey man do you want to go busy crowding with me?"
John: "Yeah, after our great success yesterday, I can't wait to get more ass!"
by OhNoesItsTehAsian March 19, 2010
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