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The Catcher for the San Francisco Giants, hes basically fucking LEGIT as fuck and can kick any ones ass at hitting.
Buster Posey hits one right up the middle!
by bBopJR. August 03, 2010
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The hottest most legit baseball player you will ever encounter. No one can even try to compare to the amazing catching skills of one Buster Posey. Anyone who ever sees Buster Posey will instantly start worshiping him for his sexy-beastness!
Girl 1: Oh my god look it's Buster Posey! He's such a sexy beast!
Girl 2: Eh he's not the great i bet i could be a better catcher than him.
Girl 1: Oh my god go die in a hole you don't deserve to be in the presence of a person as amazing and hot as Buster Posey!
by giantsfan11 May 27, 2011
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