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Bushkids are the kids you don't want to be seen with. They are a wide variety of ugly weeaboos and just weird ass kids. They probably have STD's so don't ever touch them, and especially don't interact with them sexually. Never become a bushkid if you want to have a life in High School.
Person 1: Did you hear about Jewlissa?
Person 2: Yeah I heard she became a bushkid!
by cringysupreme April 02, 2017
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This are the kids in middle school and high school who are weird and immature. They scream and are obnoxious. Just by the way they speak it can annoy others. These are the kids who think they are mature and have life figured out but when in reality they are the kids that run to lunch and have no sense of fashion. You have probably put these kids into the “weird” category when deciding who goes where in social hierarchy of school. Once a bush kid always a bush kid.
Hey Eric what’s up with those two kids?
Why are they jumping on the tables and running into the bush?
John they are bush kids.
What? A bush kid?
Yes a bush kid.
Oh. Is Matt the guy that has different girlfriend every day and swears that he is going to marry them all a bush kid?
Yes. Matt is a bush kid.
God damn these bush kids need help.
by Oreolover69 October 29, 2018
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A group of teenagers and young adult who smoke and drink all day at the skate Park. Sometimes they skate. Sometimes they sit all day and smoke dope, Cigs, and drink. They are all best friends and stand up for each other. They get high in the bushes (but there aren't actually any bushes). They have a turf war with the skater kids who skate all day and don't condone sitting at a bench or in the bushes chillin like a villain.
It's usually a large group of about 18 people or so.

They are the most generous kids you'll know, they accept all who are chill with them.
When they unite the universe is happy and all is well.
Don't fuck over the Bush kids, specifically don't fuck them...
by DanniCalifornia October 07, 2014
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