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When a person of the male sex has a very small penis but very volumptuous pubes. His little head pokes out like someone in fortnite
You know that guy i fucked last night? He’s a total bushcamper.
by Sherry-the-math-god October 23, 2018
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A person in Fortnite who sucks at the game and knows it, so they hide in a bush until someone walks by.
I just got killed by a bush camper. That little fucktard!
by Sharko24 March 15, 2018
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Someone who hides from their problems and thinks that everything is going to be ok
Joey: He found out that he failed the exam and hasn't come to college since

Theo: man he's such a bush camper
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by Coacroach911 September 30, 2018
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why is mitch being a fucking bush camper again that fucking bush with his first solo only having 3 kills
by dicksbefloppn June 15, 2018
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A person who plays the game fortnite and quite literally bush camps.

This person is known for their stupid victories and highly unlikable ability to move.
β€œ A f***ing bush camper, that’s how I die. A F***ING BUSH CAMPER! AHHHHHHH”
by Shermag24 May 16, 2018
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