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A rallying cry for liberals, mostly the moonbats from Democratic Underground, refering to imaginary scandals that they fantasize will bring down the Bush administration. Unfortunately for them, they are doomed to failure because the contrived "scandals" are either debunked, exist wholly within their imagination, or are over issues so petty and insignificant that the Mainstream Media never picks up on them. This leads to great consternation and periods of deep depression in liberals which cause them to lie in bed in a darkened room for days at a time until the next "Bush is toast" imaginary scandal breaks out and the cycle starts anew. The liberal never learns from past mistakes and is doomed to have his/her hopes shot down once again. The phenomena is sometimes compared to the "Peanuts" cartoon wherein Lucy bades Charlie Brown kick the football she is holding, only to snatch it out of the way at the last moment causing Charlie to fall flat. No matter how many times she does it, Charlie always falls for it, never learning. It is thus with liberals and their "Bush is toast" dreams.
Liberal: "Dan Rather has a memo that proves GWB didn't fulfill his duties in the Texas Air National Guard. Bush is toast!"
by dandi May 28, 2006
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