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N. A defense mechanism where the current administration uses psychological strategies brought into play by a deep rooted hate in the former President Bush's adminstration to cope with the reality that the current president's strategies are a failure. The Bush Defense mechanism becomes pathological because its persistent use leads to maladaptive behavior such that many begin to believe it is the former president's fault and the overall health of the nation is adversely affected. The purpose of the Bush Defence Mechanisms is to protect the Obama Adminstration from blame for current national problems and to provide a refuge from situations with which they cannot cope.
The White House on Tuesday struggled to explain how it was caught short on the unemployment figures, after promising the rate would not reach 8 percent in January.
β€œThe previous administration did not disclose how deep the economic crisis was,” a spokesman said, in yet another attempt to use the Bush Defense.
The administration then tried to shift focus to looking forward at how the administration would prevent further erosion of the job market.
Obama promised back in January that with the stimulus passing, unemployment would probably peak at 8 percent late this year.
The current unemployment rate is 9.5 percent.
by keifermail July 11, 2009
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