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A couch that is taken everywhere (Town, Beach and School etc) it is normally picked up from a tip/dump and "Pimped" with love/care make it looking somewhat decent.

Burt can be found in some of the most random places you could ever imagine.

If you decide to own a Burt, make sure you treat him/her (Burt is often "bi") as you would like a member of your group.


1. Burt is a complete couch slut and will often attract a lot of attention so keep him/her in you sights at all times. (So those swamp ninjas don't take away Burt)

2. No sex on Burt, as this could be a birth control problem if Burt is owned by the wrong people.

3. There is no limit to how many people can fit on Burt.

4. If Burt is used to play halo, MLG rules will only be tolerated as Burt only wants the best.

5. If drink is spilled, the spiller must lick it off passionately.

Not to be confused with levis couch
"Whats that couch doing in the middle of the beach?" Asks Jill "Don't worry its just Burt" Replys Emma

They continue to go sit on Burt and live happily ever after.

"Jess is being a complete biatch today" says everyone. "Don't worry, we will just not invite her to the next Burt bash" says Tom

Burt the couch never sleeps
by BurtBashing_DaY-n-Night May 03, 2009
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