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A town in southern Lee county Florida . If you live in Burrito Springs , fl . You are fromMexico or Central America and live in a trailer park . . You can carry multiple cases of beer at one time while walking home from the store .and your friend carries multiple cases of Pecsi . The only place in Florida where women walk to the store . Where you can fit 7 people inside a truck.
If you need to hire some people to do yard work this the place to find them . .
β€œ Hey Jimbo , we still going the footballl this weekend ?”

β€œ Shit Gator , I can’t Crystal says she wants flowers and mulch down since it’s fall now .”

β€œ Shit Jimbo , just go on up to burrito springs and get a couple of beanners from the front of Home Depot parking lot .”
by The 239 July 30, 2018
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