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When a person is hit by an object, or some sort of a collision takes place, and the event is followed by an obscene burp from the victim. The burp is impossibly loud and remarkably intruding. A "burp ass shit" event can take place even when the victim begins to burp obnoxiously before the actual collision takes place.

Although the origin of the phrase comes from this event, popular usage has demeaned it for more contemporary use, resulting in "burp ass shit" recognition for every day, run of the mill, belches. Truly a travesty.
You and your friend are walking down the hall of some municipal building, past a cluster of vending machines, and hear a ridiculous smack, presumably in the event of a collision between the vending machines and a person. The result is an obscenely loud burp ass shit, unexplainable and awesome.
by syntheno October 07, 2009
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