A separate phone used for business purposes, usually for drug deals. Also can be called "burn phone."
If yall need some kush, you can hit me up on the burner phone.
by Ingle July 25, 2006
A prepaid cellular phone, replaced frequently (weekly) (monthly) to avoid leaving a trail and getting caught up in illegal activities
Dude you want some of that herb, hit me up on the burner phone.
by gmoney21 July 31, 2009
A phone - typically prepaid - that's used temporarily and then disposed of, a.k.a "burned". Usually a cheap flip phone, and has had a resurgence in pop culture relevance because of tv shows like The Wire and Breaking Bad. Either bought for cheap at a convenience store, or got online since there's now literally an app called Burner.
-"I gotta make a call but I don't want it logged on my number."
-"Alright just go get a burner phone and use that instead then."
by YungCoconut January 30, 2015
A cellphone usually connected under someone else's identity to conduct shady and illegal activity on and to avoid leaving a trail to the user. Depending on the carrier the phone is connected to, a burner can last up to 1 - 2 months before it is cut-off due to non-payment.
Dawg! You got a hook-up on burner phones? I'm deep in this street game, so I need a new one every week!
by ex-hustla October 4, 2008
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A female of low-grade quality that is cheap and easy to access at any time.

A girl you use on the low a couple times for a booty call and then get rid of so you don’t get caught with her.
Naw Bro, We don’t date those hoes, their burner phone bitches, you just use em’ up then throw em’ away.
by MoonGoddess619 February 5, 2019